Karoo National Botanical Gardens

In March we travelled to the Cape for the Tour De Boland Cycle Race. This is a cycle race that spans over five days and includes cycling between various towns in the picturesque Boland region. The first day the route went from Paarl to Worcester and while we were in town we stopped in at the Karoo Botanical Garden. ( see http://www.sanbi.org/gardens/karoo-desert) It was not the ideal time to visit because the annuals nor aloes were in flower, but it was still lovely to see the plants that were there. There is also a nursery where you can buy some succlents. The Big Bugs Expo was on while we were there and these artworks were scattered all over the lush green lawn. (for more on the expo see http://www.sanbi.org/news/big-bugs-expo-tours-sanbi-gardens)


Church in Worcester where the race ended on the first day and started on the second day

DSC_0077_077Some Big Bugs in the distance

DSC_0084_084Beautiful Succulents

DSC_0098_098Lovely Mountains all around