Working Around Services on Site

During the recent Jasmyn installation at the University of Pretoria one of the toughest issues the contractor needed to deal with was the myriad of services traversing the site. Information on existing services was limited and often incorrect. Needless to say a few pipes and cables were hit during installation. So what can be done to minimise the cost implication and time set back that services can cause?


-          Try get as much information beforehand as possible. Request As-Builts and if none are available request site walks with people who are knowledgeable about existing services on the site.

-          Make allowance in the costing for unforeseen damage and repair to services.

-          Have a clear action plan in place if a cable or pipe is uncovered or damaged during the installation that is communicated and discussed beforehand. E.g.: Stop working immediately, try repair where possible and contact the relevant people.

-          Communication between Contractor, Client and Landscape Architect is essential.

-          Have regular site meetings to assess progress of damages and repair work.

-          Lift Manholes, Stormwater Outlets, Valves, etc. according to new levels of site.

-          Update services drawing during installation and provide accurate As-Built on completion.

- Be prepared to have your whole landscape dug up when an unforeseen problem arises (like when the Sewer Infrastructure needs to be replaced!)